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New York-based singer-

songwriter Lexi Scherr excels at the kind of dynamic, bombastic, symphonic indie rock similar to Bat For Lashes and Florence & the Machine, and as you can here on her brand new single “Not the Kind” she’s well on her way to finding her own voice...              


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On All Take, Lexi treats

the listener to four varied and impressive tracks – from the bold and powerful title track, to the more delicate and appropriately titled “Honey.”  The more pensive and climactic “Not The Kind” and beautiful closer “Mausoleum” showcase a depth of talent and skill one would expect from a musician far beyond her years.     

We don't think we'll ever

get enough of Lexi Scherr's wonderful indie pop jam 'Ready Aim Fire'.  It's an uptempo jam that reminds us of a really great chase scene from an awesome late 80's high school movie.  But it's more than that.  It's everything.


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If you're in need of a quick

of a quick splash of sugary goodness to wake you up, you can put down that Coke bottle. Lexi Scherr has the audible answer courtesy of her latest track, "Ready Aim Fire", and it comes calorie free.  


This talented young lady

from New York will definitely have my attention in the coming months, as she already showed diversity and lots of potential. 


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Scherr comes across

as knowing she is better than you are, and dammit, she is better than mere mortals.  This is the voice of a siren, of a nymph...    


Don’t we have enough

eighties nostalgia floating around right now? Probably, but this Chicago singer’s new upbeat single trumps most of them. 


Hailing from Chicago

and calling NYC home, Lexi Scherr has recently released two new singles that showcase her edgy musical talent…