LexiScherr Braid

"This is the voice of a siren, of a nymph…” - Audio Fuzz

Born the daughter of Olympic wrestler Bill Scherr, Lexi was destined for a life of competitive sports. Much to the chagrin of her champion father, Lexi’s athletic abilities paled in comparison to her creative ones, and she spent her adolescence crafting piano-based songs in her bedroom, which she recorded on the tape deck of a karaoke machine. Though her father would have preferred cheering her on from the stands of a wrestling meet, he settled for front row at choir concerts, as well as her turn as lead in the school musical. Lexi obtained a degree in Psychology & Sociology from Indiana University in Bloomington. It is from this background, from her curiosity at the world & interactions with people around her, that many of her current songs are born.

Lexi first gained attention on YouTube, when she covered the song “Sandcastles in the Sand” from the CBS show How I Met Your Mother, which both the creators & star of the show shared with their followers. In July of 2015, Lexi put out the synth-heavy pop track “Ready Aim Fire" with producer Cosmic Retro, which was featured on an episode of “Hit Record on TV” directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt (InceptionSnowden). Lexi then released a 4-song EP “All Take” in the fall of 2015, which garnered critical praise from The Deli and Popmatters, and Atwood Magazine mentioned among their standout new releases for the week of October 9th. About the release, DrunkenWerewolf said, "Blending elements of pop, rock and her incredible storytelling, Lexi Scherr has produced a spellbinding EP that'll make you sing, dance and cry from beginning to end.” The fourth song, “Mausoleum”, took the number 5 spot in Groundsounds’ Top 50 songs of 2015.

In April 2016, Lexi opened for Creed Bratton (The Office, The Grass Roots) in a night of Music & Comedy in Amityville, New York, setting quotes said by his character on “The Office” to music. During the Presidential election of 2016, Lexi fell into a state of depression. In order to pull herself out, she began writing songs based on the stages of grief, and inspired by the events surrounding the 45th presidency of the United States. The result is a collection of demo songs called “The Stages of Grief” (released in 5 parts through Noisetrade), which Lexi calls “pure catharsis through music”.